Helping you negotiate the challenges of embedded software, system and instrumentation design

Helping you negotiate the challenges of embedded software, system and instrumentation design

Our expertise:

Embedded systems are designed to solve a wide variety of problems in many industries. Real-world applications control motion, electro-optical assemblies, measure fluid flows, analyze spectra, communicate with multiple processors, all under real-time constraints. Some of the most complex applications such as mobile robots require the solution of complex dynamics, optimized control of multiple motors, state estimation, inertial sensing, and machine vision leveraging neural networks for autonomous navigation.

Software development for these systems can be extremely challenging with complex software-hardware interdependencies, increasingly complex architectures with real-time distributed processors with critical sychronization and communication needs, and the need for high-relibility, safe user interaction and operation.

As you can see in the case studies, Bytes By Design has tremendous experience helping companies design systems that fulfill their technical requirements, ensure their competitive edge, and maximize profits. We help you negotiate the challenges and technical risks, and avoid the pitfalls of developing such systems.

Our tools/technology/operating system experience includes:
  • Windows, Linux and WinCE
  • Toradex SOM's and Rasberry PI running Linux and WinCE
  • iPhone development with Swift with GPU Neural Net processing
  • Intel RealSense 3D camera
  • Google Coral AI Edge TPU
  • Visual Studio for Windows development
  • Xilinx ISE gate array environment
  • Altera Quartus II gate array environment
  • OpenGL, DirectX
  • Microsoft HoloLens

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