"Heartlab, Inc. has had an excellent working relationship with Bytes By Design for several years undertaking very demanding projects requiring both software development and hardware integration expertise. I cannot say enough about their resourcefullness, ability and drive to solve critical system problems. The products that resulted from these efforts have been pivotal in Heartlab's business strategy." - Joe Cascio, CTO, Heartlab Inc

Bytes By Design helps companies create state-of-the-art software and systems utilizing Windows XP, CE, .NET and a variety of custom embedded systems ensuring their competitive edge.
Designing such systems is a considerable challenge, where experience, perseverance and technical leadership is crucial to the success of the project.

At Bytes By Design, our specialists include software, computer and electrical engineering professionals who possess experience in all phases of the engineering development cycle, including requirements analysis, architectural and performance trade-offs, design, implementation, testing, and training.

We will work with you during any phase of your project, starting from the earliest conceptual and design phases, continuing through to deployment, training and maintenance phases. Some customers come to us for help at the inception of a project to analyze system requirements and position the product, followed by evaluation of architectural and design issues, leading to final design, implementation and system deployment. Or, if you already have a detailed specification of what the system must do, you can benefit from Bytes By Design's broad technology expertise to design and implement selected portions of the system or the complete solution.

Other customers come to us with a product concept, for which we may become technology partners, developing, maintaining and jointly marketing the entire system.

We work closely with you to understand your needs, and bring our engineering expertise to bear on your problem to develop a robust and cost-effective solution.

With our in-depth knowledge of software and hardware development and integration, we are extremely adept at crafting professional shrink-wrapped products from the ground up, creating enhancements to existing applications and systems, and updating or porting an older product to satisfy any set of requirements.

Please visit our wide variety of Case studies which illustrate what we have accomplished for our customers what we're capable of doing for you.

To see how we can help you, contact us at: info@bytesbydesign.com
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