"Bytes By Design and Bob were instrumental in the successful deployment of our system. I can recommend BBD for projects requiring technical leadership, aggressive team management, and ability to analyze and solve critical system issues while under severe schedule and resource constraints."
Web Hire Inc.

Web Technologies

A manufacturer of Web-based resume processing tools for corporate human resource departments asked us to develop a suite of applications and utilities to extend and replace their existing resume management system. Incoming scanned and OCR'ed resumes and emailed resumes are queued and indexed into different databases. The OCR'ed resumes undergo manual verification of extracted demographics prior to indexing. Sophisticated tools track statistics, perform searches and allow users perform a variety of administrative tasks.

To meet these requirements, Bytes By Design redesigned their legacy system and developed substantial Web applications and infrastructure utilizing XML technologies, Microsoft Message Queuing, SQL Server, Biz Talk Server components, custom controls, and .Net technologies. Backend functionality utilizes a complex multi-threaded C++ applications running on multiple processors coupled to Oracle and SQL Server databases indexing resumes from MSMQ. Web applications using .ASP and .Net technologies provide administrative functions, parse and package XML-based resume info, and retrieve and post resumes to the databases.

Corporate human resource departments and Web-based job sites continue to use and profit from the application suite to find and manage candidates.

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