"Bytes By Design was absolutely critical to the success of the Bowman Perfusion Monitor and probe calibration system. They developed a beautiful UI with real-time numerical, graphical and status displays, and the multi-threaded system architecture. They took the initiative to find solutions to complex technical problems and were a great pleasure to work with."
Dr. Daniel Sidney, Hemedex Inc.


A manufacturer of communications and surveillance systems needed Bytes By Design's help in developing a network of signal processing, analysis and graphics subsystems for a large 400+ processor communications and surveillance system. Because the network we were charged with creating was so large and complex, there were a number of requirements that had to be met. The subsystems had to be easily scalable, distributed and have a flexible architecture.

Taking this into consideration, we engineered a solution that incorporated GUI, DSP, and control software for the Windows and Unix-based workstations and embedded processors that made up this immense network. In addition, we created a real-time operating system and application code for the network of over 400 transputers that would comprise part of the system. We also developed numerous Windows and transputer network applications for a several-hundred-GByte memory system, a custom Spectrogram Graphics Card for the workstations, as well as an embedded 56000 DSP time-base error corrector.

The system we designed and engineered for this large network of Windows and Unix-based signal processing and analysis workstations has been successfully fielded and is performing efficiently and effectively.

Pictured is the control room for the 400+ processor communications and surveillance system

Twelve channel Digitizer unit employing a Sun Sparc processor and several Digital Signal Processors.

One of six, dual channel A/D cards with an embedded 56000 DSP time-base error corrector processor.

120 MFlop FFT windowing processor.

Multi-channel Spectrogram graphics card for a Sun analysis workstation. One of the many signal processing, analysis and graphics subsystems we developed as an integral part of our solution.

One of 120, 16GB Transputer-based Memory Control Processors.

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