"Bytes By Design was absolutely critical to the success of the Bowman Perfusion Monitor and probe calibration system. They developed a beautiful UI with real-time numerical, graphical and status displays, and the multi-threaded system architecture. They took the initiative to find solutions to complex technical problems and were a great pleasure to work with.
Dr. Daniel Sidney, Hemedex Inc.

Retail and Financial

Small retailers face many challenges of how to operate more efficiently to compete with national mega-chains. Papyrus, a small chain of franchise card and gift shops, came to Bytes By Design to improve and streamline the inventory management and sales reporting process. They needed a system that would perform a number of functions. The system needed to track inventory levels; issue purchase orders; accommodate a variety of bar code scanners and formats; import various manufacturer bar code files; generate comparative sales reports; provide capabilities for remote administration; and all the while minimize the need for support staff.

Our solution called for developing custom Windows-based applications which are integrated with a Microsoft Access database. Our designs allow for inventory control, bar code management, electronic order processing, statistical reporting, as well as dial-up access from remote sites. In addition, we developed custom bar code reader applications which accommodate a wide variety of bar codes used by the many manufacturers with which the chain does business.

Papyrus is benefiting from improved operations, as well as better relationships with vendors and partner companies.

Inventory control and sales reporting are faster, easier and more reliable. With easy-to-use screens like the one pictured here, Papyrus staff can get the most from Bytes By Design's software solutions.

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