"Bytes By Design was absolutely critical to the success of the Bowman Perfusion Monitor and probe calibration system. They developed a beautiful UI with real-time numerical, graphical and status displays, and the multi-threaded system architecture. They took the initiative to find solutions to complex technical problems and were a great pleasure to work with.
Dr. Daniel Sidney, Hemedex Inc.


A manufacturer of industrial electronic equipment, needed to develop and market a low-cost, high-volume, stepper motor control product. We agreed on a number of design requirements. The product had to be extremely reliable; offer the smallest footprint possible; possess flexible I/O; offer an easy-to-use command set; and be compatible with industrial controllers. There were also additional design goals: precision positioning with optical feedback and a graphical or higher-level language for motion control.

Bytes By Design worked closely with their marketing department to analyze product requirements and properly position the product. Our solution not only fulfilled all the requirements, but also offered better performance and versatility than competing products within cost constraints. The design featured a dual-processor 80C52 architecture, a powerful, yet easy-to-use command set, user-programmable I/O, as well as Windows-based development tools offering an interactive command window and both graphical and BASIC language motion control. We developed a product that is small, yet robust and virtually indestructible.

The Motion Development Tools provide rapid application development. Bytes By Design's solution included the embedded hardware, as well as the software.

With our in-depth knowledge of both software and hardware development we were able to successfully take this multi-requirement stepper motor control product from the drawing board to the marketplace.

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