"The Bytes By Design team produced a top-notch application at a very critical time for our H.320 PC teleconferencing product. The test application proved invaluable for early hardware troubleshooting and validation and continues to be critical for production testing."
Var Garapetian, PictureTel Inc.


A leader in videoconferencing equipment asked us to develop a comprehensive engineering, production and end-user test suite for their flagship H.320 PC videoconferencing product. There were several goals for the test suite: it needed to support engineering team development; decrease time to market; maximize product success; facilitate fault detection in the field; provide 100% coverage of all video, audio, embedded processor and PC subsystems; and offer remote, network-based testing.

Bytes By Design accomplished all this by developing a Windows-based application and device driver for video and audio DMA and control which works in conjunction with embedded video and audio codecs and ISDN telecom software. In addition, we created a networked test option with the ability to monitor several concurrent systems as they were being tested.

The company now has the means to detect manufacturing defects, enumerate system failures and automate the test process.

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