"Bytes By Design helped us quickly ramp-up our CE development effort for our embedded medical systems. Within the first hour of entering the door, Bob was already porting key elements of our application to Windows CE and was very responsive to our requirements and schedule. The knowledge and insights he shared helped us immensely."
John Sadlier, Thermal Technologies Inc.

Semiconductor Industry

A manufacturer of semiconductor wafer inspection equipment asked us to develop a suite of applications used to control wafer inspection machines dispersed throughout their customer's plants. The distributed, networked applications had to setup machine parameters, manage a SQL Server database and control the process state. Furthermore, the applications had to present a clear, graphical, intuitive GUI design unlike their Unix-based predecessors.

To accomplish this, Bytes By Design developed several Windows-based applications. They included RecipeTools for editing and storage of wafer measurement parameters; MachineConfig for machine setup using a 3D GUI; LicenseServer for licensing these distributed applications across the desktops; and ProcessMonitor for remote process control. ProcessMonitor is a networked application providing a 3D rendition of the machine in action, showing the pick and place robot moving wafers to each measurement station. Indicators on the screen highlight wafer throughput rate, measurements, and status information. Operators may remotely initialize, start or stop a machine. Our design provides a wealth of process information while minimizing network loading and processor overhead.

To automate the licensing process, sales database access and software updates, we developed an integrated interface for their corporate intranet, with links for future Internet connections to customers. The Web interface incorporates a Java licensing applet utilizing JDBC to a Microsoft Access database and an ActiveX version of ProcessMonitor.

These applications leverage Windows-based GUI, MFC, Network, Direct3D, OpenGL and Internet components and technologies, providing not only robust and reliable operation but also a rich user interface.

The company is successfully marketing the suite as an upgrade for their current customers and also as part of their newest state-of-the-art wafer machines. Sales projections for this suite are in the $8 to $10 Million range.

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