"Heartlab, Inc. has had an excellent working relationship with Bytes By Design for several years undertaking very demanding projects requiring both software development and hardware integration expertise. I cannot say enough about their resourcefullness, ability and drive to solve critical system problems. The products that resulted from these efforts have been pivotal in Heartlab's business strategy." - Joe Cascio, CTO, Heartlab Inc
Mosaic 3 Digital Shutter
Emission Spectrometer #2
IR/X-Ray Spectrometer
Linux CCD Controller
Airport X-Ray Inspection
Ultrasound Imaging
Cellular Photobleaching
Spatial Light Modulator
Laser Etch Controller
Web Technologies
Perfusion Monitor
Probe Calibration
Biological Microscopy
Cath Lab Imaging
Emission Spectrometer
Laser Galvanometer
Laser Modulator
Video Conferencing
Signals Intelligence
Robotics-Machine Vision
Space Shuttle
3D Model
Linux-based CCD Controller


As part of the development of a next generation optical emission spectrometer we developed a proof-of-concept controller for an array of CCD sensors. The design had to acquire data from a dozen 3600 pixel CCDs, perform low-level signal processing, and form packets to be sent via Ethernet back to the analysis application running on a PC. The board has a TI ARM processor running Angstrom Linux coupled to a Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA. The custom FPGA code generates CCD timing, applies signal processing, and assembles packets to be sent to the ARM processor. The system allows user selection of CCD integration time, decimation and data averaging settings.

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