Helping you negotiate the challenges of embedded software, system and instrumentation design

Helping you negotiate the challenges of embedded software, system and instrumentation design

Optical Emission Spectroscopy


A manufacturer of optical emission spectrometers needed to launch a new generation of their flagship machine used for oil and fuel analysis. The instruments are used in the industrial, military and commercial markets to monitor a variety of equipment including aircraft turbine engines, marine propulsion systems and engine components used in vehicle fleets. While core components remained the same, the instrument’s mechanical housing, optical sensor electronics and signal processing front-end was completely redesigned along with substantial reworking of the UI, machine control and analytical software.


To meet these requirements, Bytes By Design developed control software for the new CCD camera sub-system, new graphical utilities for CCD calibration, analytical processing and performance assessment, a SQL Compact database holding a vast amount of calibration and measurement data, production tools that greatly reduce the time to calibrate a new instrument, and new analytical signal processing functionality.


Bytes By Design successfully fulfilled all the requirements. The new calibration and analysis tools greatly reduce the time to produce a new instrument and get it out the door and into customer’s hands. The graphical signal analysis tools are invaluable for in-house signal processing analysis, calibration and field service technicians. The new SQL Compact database permits easy field upgrades and low maintenance overhead. The instrument continues to play a key role in the early prediction of critical engine problems that can handled routinely on the ground rather than as potential in-air emergencies.

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