"Heartlab, Inc. has had an excellent working relationship with Bytes By Design for several years undertaking very demanding projects requiring both software development and hardware integration expertise. I cannot say enough about their resourcefullness, ability and drive to solve critical system problems. The products that resulted from these efforts have been pivotal in Heartlab's business strategy." - Joe Cascio, CTO, Heartlab Inc
Mosaic 3 Digital Shutter
Emission Spectrometer #2
IR/X-Ray Spectrometer
Linux CCD Controller
Airport X-Ray Inspection
Ultrasound Imaging
Cellular Photobleaching
Spatial Light Modulator
Laser Etch Controller
Web Technologies
Perfusion Monitor
Probe Calibration
Biological Microscopy
Cath Lab Imaging
Emission Spectrometer
Laser Galvanometer
Laser Modulator
Video Conferencing
Signals Intelligence
Robotics-Machine Vision
Space Shuttle
3D Model
Optical Emission Spectroscopy


A manufacturer of optical emission spectrometers used for monitoring the condition of machines based on oil and fuel analysis needed help upgrading their flagship machine to reduce costs and remain competitive in their industry. The instruments are used in the industrial and military markets to monitor a variety of machines including aircraft turbine engines and marine propulsion systems. The optical sensor electronics/signal processing front-end needed to be replaced along with substantial rework of the machine control and analytical software. The new system had to be backward compatible with the existing sensor electronics for field upgrades and also as a fall-back solution.


To meet these requirements, Bytes By Design helped integrate the new CCD-based spectrometer and developed substantial infrastructure, graphical utilities and updates to the analytical software components. Successful completion of the CCD upgrade was crucial to maintaining the company's standing with customers, continued profitability and market share. The instrument continues to play a key role in the early prediction of critical engine problems that can handled routinely on the ground rather than as potential in-air emergencies.

The spectral line graph shows the data collected for all CCDs with peaks hilighted and labeled.

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