"Bob designed state-of-the-art signal processing systems leveraging thousands of processors networked and distributed throughout the world. He successfully took on difficult design challenges, analyzing and trading-off complex requirements implementing systems critical for our success. At a crucial time he took over a very substantial UNIX software-hardware integration effort. Where others had failed, he exceeded technical expectations within time and budgetary constraints."
Allen Worters, Division Manager, Engineering Research Associates, E-Systems
Mosaic 3 Digital Shutter
Emission Spectrometer #2
IR/X-Ray Spectrometer
Linux CCD Controller
Airport X-Ray Inspection
Ultrasound Imaging
Cellular Photobleaching
Spatial Light Modulator
Laser Etch Controller
Web Technologies
Perfusion Monitor
Probe Calibration
Biological Microscopy
Cath Lab Imaging
Emission Spectrometer
Laser Galvanometer
Laser Modulator
Video Conferencing
Signals Intelligence
Robotics-Machine Vision
Space Shuttle
3D Model
Signals Intelligence/Communications


A manufacturer of communications and surveillance systems needed our help developing a network of signal processing, analysis and graphics subsystems for a large 400+ processor communications and surveillance system. The critical nature of the application demanded numerous requirements that had to be met in the areas of user interface design, signal processing, subsystem communication, global networking, and highly distributed processing architectures.

Pictured is the control room for a large sigint system

Twelve channel Digitizer unit employing a Sun Sparc processor and several Digital Signal Processors.

One of six, dual channel A/D cards with an embedded 56000 DSP time-base error corrector processor.

120 MFlop FFT windowing processor.

Multi-channel Spectrogram graphics card for a Sun analysis workstation. One of the many signal processing, analysis and graphics subsystems we developed as an integral part of our solution.

One of 120, 16GB Transputer-based Memory Control Processors.


Taking this into consideration, we engineered a solution that incorporated GUI, DSP, and control software for the Windows and Unix-based workstations and embedded processors that made up this immense network. In addition, we created a real-time operating system and application code for the network of over 400 transputers that would comprise part of the system. We also developed numerous Windows and transputer network applications for a several-hundred-GByte memory system, a custom Spectrogram Graphics Card for the workstations, as well as an embedded 56000 DSP time-base error corrector.


The system we designed and engineered for this large network of Windows and Unix-based signal processing and analysis workstations has been successfully fielded and is performing efficiently and effectively.

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