Helping you negotiate the challenges of embedded software, system and instrumentation design

Helping you negotiate the challenges of embedded software, system and instrumentation design

Healthcare - Perfusion Monitor


We were asked to develop a complex Windows CE embedded application that monitors blood perfusion in humans, based in part on an older hardware prototype tested in animal studies. The new instrument had to collect thermal data from a dual-thermistor sensor, perform real-time thermal calculations, and graphically display the perfusion measurement and ancillary temperature trend data. In addition, the instrument had to interface with a secondary embedded thermal processor, decrypt probe information, stream data continuously to disk for up to 10 days, scroll and zoom graphic data, stream data to an external RS232 port, upload files and print strip charts. As shown, five buttons navigate through a simple menu structure to setup and operate the machine.


Our solution satisfied all of the requirements despite significant technological hurdles. Our sophisticated multi-threaded approach simultaneously acquired real-time thermal power data with no loss, carried out thermal calculations, displayed measurement status and errors, displayed 4 graphical plots in real-time at user-defined zoom and time selections, streamed encoded data to disk and to the external port, accepted user parameter input and printed strip charts; all simultaneously without glitches.

The photo above shows a number of units undergoing early burn-in testing.


The instrument received FDA approval and is currently used for early organ rejection detection in patients during post-operative recovery from liver transplant surgery.

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