"Heartlab, Inc. has had an excellent working relationship with Bytes By Design for several years undertaking very demanding projects requiring both software development and hardware integration expertise. I cannot say enough about their resourcefullness, ability and drive to solve critical system problems. The products that resulted from these efforts have been pivotal in Heartlab's business strategy." - Joe Cascio, CTO, Heartlab Inc
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Airport X-Ray Bottle Inspection System


A manufacturer of X-Ray inspection systems asked us to develop the software for a table-top bottle inspection system starting with only a rough proof-of-concept hardware design. The software needed to control and sequence the X-Ray system, the dual-CZT photon detector/counters, extract X-Ray energy features, perform significant signal processing and classify the substance as a harmless or hazardous material. Furthermore, the user interface had to present a simple operator control and status screen and a more comprehensive expert-mode screen for system setup and calibration.

The operator screen prompts the user to insert a bottle and press "Start" to begin a measurement. The status display details measurement time remaining and any exceptions. Once the analysis is complete the final outcome is displayed. A door interlock prevents unintentional radiation exposure.


To meet these requirements, Bytes By Design utilized a multi-threaded C++ approach to sequence the X-Ray source, extract the X-Ray energy spectrum, perform substantial digital signal processing and graphically display the results. High-speed signal processing thru stream-lined design bolstered by the Intel IPP Linear Algebra library, permits real-time classification to maximize bottle thru-put. The unit is currently undergoing evaluation by the TSA in the U.S. and the Department For Transport (DFT) in the U.K.

During development, classifier fine-tuning, and classifier calibration, prior bottle data may be retrieved, reprocessed, re-classified and dispatched to key project personnel for further review.

Real-time interactive controls allow modification of classifier parameters facilitating classifier optimization. Previous acquisitions can also be re-classified using the new settings.

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